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Single module with 1 call button for the new IP BCS modular system. It enables the extension of the number of serviced apartments in the system. Possibility to assign any calling code (apartment number) to each button independently. The front is made of aluminum. Designed for mounting in two or three module frames BCS-RA2-N and BCS-RA3-N. Power supply and data transmission from the BCS-PAN-KAM-N camera module using the modular tape supplied with the frame.

1-button module for the new BCS IP modular system:

  • It works with the BCS-RA2-N and BCS-RA3-N frames
  • Compatible with the BCS-PAN-KAM-N camera module
  • Module size: single
  • 1 mechanical call button with the option of giving each button any call code, duplication of addresses possible
  • Buttons programmable via Web Service built into the BCS-PAN-KAM-N camera module
  • Layout of the entire panel configured using the Web Service built into the camera module (panel visualization)
  • Power supply via the supplied cable from the camera module
  • The BCS-PAN-KAM-N camera module is required for operation
  • Dimensions mm
  • Weight kg

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