The BCS brand is a supplier of professional systems of various types: video monitoring, alarm protections and video intercoms. In our wide offer you will find many excellent solutions - the perfect example is BCS POINT, which consists of IP systems and high definition analog systems.


In our assortment you can find a wealth of devices that make up a professional monitoring system. These include: recorders, cameras, switches and monitors adapted to CCTV systems, dedicated BCS MANAGER software and additional accessories that will allow us to perform a professional installation. For recorders, various types of models are available: 4-channel, 8-channel, 9-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel, 64-channel and 128-channel. Thanks to the multitude of options, it's easy to choose the equipment to suit your needs.

While looking for the right camera, we can choose between compact, horn, dome, rotary PTZ and fisheye devices. So we can easily match the right equipment depending on which resolution of the BCS POINT monitoring system you choose.

System HD Analog BCS POINT

The BCS POINT monitoring system also guarantees an efficient protective body, which, thanks to recorders, cameras and special - dedicated BCS Point software, controls a specific area, protecting your property. The BCS POINT monitoring system we propose are professional devices that are characterized by functionality, reliability and high quality of workmanship. The advantage of the proposed solution is versatility, thanks to support for all available formats on the market, you can easily adapt the new system to the existing analog installation and expand it with new IP devices in 4K resolution.