The converters allow freedom of assembly - without having to replace the cabling, they ensure that the connection is adapted to the investor's assumptions and expectations. With their use, it is possible to efficiently modernize systems that have become technologically obsolete for years and require adaptation to the assumptions of modern automation or signal transmission. Thanks to this, converters can support the operation of monitoring based on IP cameras in locations where a standard coaxial cable is still used.

A set of active converters ensuring fast data transmission from the Ethernet network using this type of solution works not only with analog monitoring. Modular development via coaxial cable enables the creation of a two-way network communication model with power supply.


Converters with a wide range of applications

The converters from the BCS offer meet the expectations of investors who value compact solutions. The significant size reduction means that the converters guarantee large mounting possibilities and easy adaptation to specific surfaces or gaps. Models available in our online store are characterized by small sizes of individual modules.

Converters can be started without advanced technical knowledge and complicated configuration of individual device parameters. Intuitive operation together with a large transmission range and power supply provides wide possibilities of using BCS converters in automation as well as industrial electronics.

As a manufacturer of converters, we offer our products at extremely attractive prices with full substantive and technical support. The offer includes both standard solutions and the implementation of tasks agreed individually with the client. In addition, high inventory means that we ensure fast execution of orders for converters and other products from the online offer.