Extenders - network switches

Signal transmission - not only from a computer, but also multimedia devices, at an above-average distance is facilitated by extenders. Devices that act as switches through network cables, provide various transmission formats - from traditional VGA to demanding HDMI. The high quality of our extenders means that network switches maintain excellent technical properties with ever smaller dimensions of the devices.


Easy installation

Modern extenders fit into the trends of limiting the size of devices - despite their small dimensions, they enable powering up to three receivers. They are characterized by a compact, compact design, and the use of black color effectively masks them on the network.

The network switches have also been refined for simplicity of installation. Extenders are characterized by quick commissioning, which can be done automatically - without configuring individual parameters. As a result, extenders are an easy and fast way to expand cable network resources. As network switches used in the appropriate configuration they allow the expected increase in the distance between the local module and often elevated even at a distance of several hundred meters.

Extenders for universal use

Extenders available in our offer are designed to cooperate in a system with any switch, as well as cameras or CCTV. Network switches will work in situations when it is necessary to expand the camera power system or extend the range of the LAN as part of active signal regeneration.

LAN extenders and PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply lead to amplification, extension and branching of the signal when several receivers are activated. This solution provides greater freedom and versatility to use the entire network.

Check our offer - ask our specialists about extenders tailored to your individual needs. Use our resources and technical advice.