Enclosures - internal / external

Enclosures for power supplies are one of the key elements of power systems, on whose quality the efficient operation of components depends. That is why it is so important that the enclosures of the power supplies are suitably adapted to the current needs and construction assumptions. Our products, manufactured based on plastics - including polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PC / ABS or elastomer, meet the requirements of both serial models and those ordered by individual customers.

Internal and external enclosures from the BCS offer are fully adapted to the criteria and requirements of European standards. Our range includes teardrops, free-standing enclosures, main, bottom and front systems. We provide not only enclosures for power systems, but also other components, e.g. chargers or amplifiers. As a manufacturer, we offer enclosures at attractive prices along with the possibility of adapting them to the recipient's assumptions.


Durable and resistant housing

Thanks to the use of durable materials, the models available in our assortment are characterized by the strength of critical contact points with cabling or plug elements. What's more, the variety of dimensions and technical solutions allows the product to be fully adapted to the customers' expectations in terms of the type of power supply, dimensions, material of the housing or the type of input connector.

A large number of solutions and an extensive offer for internal and external enclosures mean that, as a manufacturer of materials, we provide a comprehensive list of products for individual and industrial use.

Check the enclosures for power supplies available in our store - both internal and external. If you have questions, please contact our technical specialists who will be happy to help you choose the right product.