The right cameras are essential systems IP, which works well with other monitoring elements. If you are looking for a versatile product, such as an IP camera, the IP BCS LINE product will certainly be the perfect solution.

An IP camera is actually the most important element of the entire monitoring system. Product It must provide the highest image quality, recording speed, easy configuration and reliability. You will find all this in products such as BCS LINE IP cameras.

Versatile camera IP BCS LINE

In our assortment, we offer a number of different products, tailored to the needs of each client. You will find cameras recording even in 4K quality. The products we offer are characterized by reliability and innovative solutions with work intelligence. Our store offers standard BCS LINE IP network cameras, the so-called compact with resolutions from 2MPx to 4K.

You will also find tube cameras with IR heaters, very popular dome cameras, distinguished by an interesting design and ensuring the highest quality of recordings. BCS LINE IP network cameras are also versatile products. Our offer also includes high-speed cameras that facilitate the observation of large objects, and innovative type cameras fisheye or thermal imaging cameras that respond to temperature changes. The versatility of our cameras has long been appreciated by both regular and new customers.

Why is the BCS LINE IP camera a good choice?

Based on our experience and the capabilities of the equipment, our employees will be happy to help in the selection of appropriate cameras and their subsequent cameras, please contact us!