Lenses MP

MP BCS LINE lenses

Monitoring is the best way to protect buildings and plots of land. The burglary camera system allows you to recognize the perpetrator and estimate the damage related to the incident. To get the perfect image quality in monitoring, it is worth investing in a lens. The small device allows for better sharpness in recordings, which makes it much easier to recognize even small details. Our offer includes MP BCS LINE lenses dedicated to megapixel cameras up to 12 Mpx. The devices were made according to the highest standards, which makes them extremely solid.

Why is it worth installing the MP lens BCS LINE series of the IP system?

Megapixel lenses have been designed to improve the performance of high resolution cameras. Thanks to them, the monitoring recordings are clearer and improve the detail of the image. Choosing these devices is the best way to improve your IP system at a low cost.

Moreover, megapixel lenses have many more advantages than traditional lenses. First of all, they do not lead to the formation of geometric distortions, which helps to capture facial features or other characteristics of the person in the field of observation on the recording.

High image quality with MP lenses (IP BCS LINE system)

The MP lenses of the BCS LINE series on offer have glass lenses with a special anti-reflective coating. Therefore, when using them, the recordings are of high quality, even in sunny weather. The devices available on our website have an automatic DC shutter. This means that the right amount of light reaches the camera sensor to prevent overexposure.

For the best possible image, we offer devices with IR correction, thanks to which they can cooperate with infrared heaters. The MP BCS LINE lens with a large viewing angle will be perfect for monitoring a large object.