Power supply

Power supplies, among others impulse, network, buffer

For CCTV CCTV systems or access control systems, a high quality power supply is the basis. If you are looking for a device for distributed monitoring systems, video intercom or other devices requiring stable DC voltage, BCS power supplies will be the best choice. The systems are created based on the highest standards. Therefore, after purchasing them, you will be able to enjoy the reliable operation of each device.

High quality switching power supplies

For powering electronic devices with a nominal voltage of 12 V, we recommend switching power supplies. The systems regulate the output voltage, thanks to which the devices connected to them work flawlessly. The power supplies available in our store have a number of protections, among others against surges or short circuit of the DC_OUT output. On the other hand, electronic overload protection at levels from 3.5 to 5 A protects them against overloads. What's more, most of our power supplies are equipped with an automatic return function after eliminating a short circuit.

Reliable mains and buffer power supplies

Both CCTV cameras and recorders require stable DC voltage. We offer the purchase of BCS power supplies for devices of this type. Systems available in our store have been equipped with short-circuit and overvoltage protections. Extremely efficient impulse converter provides effective isolation between 230 VAC network and devices.

In our offer you will also find systems that allow you to create a distributed monitoring system with central buffer power supply. The devices we offer are characterized by an extremely long power backup time. In addition, for safety reasons, the power supplies we offer have housings that protect systems against adverse weather conditions.

If you are looking for a durable and reliable power supply at an attractive price, BCS devices available in our offer will be a great solution.