Recorders IP BCS LINE

In order for the cameras that are part of the IP system to function properly, a properly selected and reliable IP recorder is necessary. The BCS LINE IP recorders we offer are products that will certainly meet your expectations.

The BCS LINE IP recorder is the brain of the entire monitoring system. It is responsible for precise image recording, the ability to change recording parameters, display and other additional functions. BCS LINE IP recorders are extremely functional, user-friendly, but at the same time advanced enough to be an ideal tool for creating a modern monitoring system.

Various types of recorders IP BCS LINE

Our offer includes various types of recorders that are suitable for various types of monitoring systems, have different functionality and the possibility of connecting a different number of cameras. Our assortment includes both small recorders, supporting up to 4 channels, as well as large devices that can work with up to 128 cameras.

Our recorders can work with the most modern cameras with a resolution of up to 16MP. They enable live preview of the image in very high resolution and quality, support the latest solutions of intelligent image analysis (e.g. intrusion into a zone, line crossing), depending on the model, you can connect up to 16 hard drives for archiving events. Each of the recorders we offer is easy to configure, and their main advantage is reliability.

Our employees will help you choose the right recorder, cameras and other elements of the monitoring system.