Voltage converters (power converters, voltage converters)

Do you have a problem with devices that require changing the current parameters? Creating an appropriate electronic network requires changes in voltage and reduction or increase of its value? The voltage converters available in our store are the highest class at attractive prices.

The products we offer guarantee a very wide selection and various product properties - our inverters allow you to lower or increase the voltage. They are ideally suited for use, e.g. in completing Wi-Fi networks or devices such as intercom, video intercom and working with batteries of various colors as well as analog cameras.

Other benefits of using our products include:
- the possibility of using devices in many projects and plans - small size, as well as various modes of operation allow using the equipment on many levels;
- exceptional quality and protection of the entire network against surges - our products are resistant to destructive factors and guarantee the right quality of work;
- competitive prices - we don't want to burden your budget and we give you the opportunity to buy a great product at a very attractive price.


Voltage converters

In our assortment you will find voltage converters (power converters, voltage converters) with very different parameters. Adapters available in our store, which can be powered e.g. by PoE Passive switches, will be an ideal power supply solution for monitoring devices requiring isolated 12 V voltage from a 48 V PoE line.

The great advantage of our DC / DC devices is also the possibility of installing them in many housings and mounting plates intended for building in. The converters we offer can operate in several modes of operation and are characterized by really small dimensions.

Together with other products from our store, you can easily create, for example, a high-class network enabling the transmission and supply of analog cameras. We also recommend other products from our range. We offer our many years of experience and assistance in choosing an assortment. Our parts are compatible with each other and guarantee the highest quality work!