Surge arresters

Surge arresters 

For the safe operation of your devices, we offer high quality BCS surge arresters. The systems we propose are dedicated to Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, with the possibility of using them also to protect IP CCTV systems. The modules available in our store protect devices against sudden electric shocks - their use increases the safety of work in the company and at home.


Protectors - effective network protection

Overvoltages can cause a number of faults in both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi wireless networks. Our limiters provide effective protection for devices against any failures. In the event of a sudden increase in voltage, BCS brand systems automatically lower them to a safe level. Immediate operation ensures network security - including those with PoE.

The systems limit overvoltages arising between the cores, which ensures high operational safety of the devices. What's more, the protectors available in our store operate without the need for grounding.


The highest standards of equipment operation

BSC surge arresters available in our range are manufactured based on the highest standards, which ensures reliable network protection. The high quality of the proposed systems means that during their operation there is no interference in data transmission. If you care about trouble-free network operation, buying a BCS surge protector will be a great investment. The advantage of surge protectors is not only reliable operation, but also their small size.

If you want to limit the effects of temporary surges, we suggest buying BCS arresters. Systems of a well-known manufacturer operate flawlessly, which will satisfy even the most demanding user. We invite you to familiarize with the offer and contact our specialists who will be happy to provide substantive support.