Switches PoE

PoE switches

Our offer includes high quality PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches. Network switches are necessary for the proper operation of IP CCTV systems. The switches we propose are ideal for connecting network devices such as recorders or IP cameras.

Depending on your needs, you can choose sets designed to supply from 4 to 16 receivers in PoE standard. Most of the devices we propose do not require parameter configuration, therefore, starting them is very easy. Optimal parameters of the sets allow their use, among others in single and multi-family systems. Therefore, our switches can be a great solution for companies in the development industry.


PoE switches dedicated to interiors

If you want to buy a PoE set for interiors, we offer switches in durable bodies made of steel, which provides permanent protection for systems. By choosing products from our range, you can be sure that the devices we offer will not heat up - BCS systems are characterized by high quality power supply. For your convenience, the offered systems also have the option of cascading.

Switches available in our store ensure very comfortable work. Thanks to the special independent isolation function of the short-circuits for each output, as a result of the short circuit only one premises is shut down. Therefore, the rest of the system works smoothly.

PoE switches outside

In our store you can buy switches in Power over Ethernet technology also in special external housings. Thanks to the construction, the system is protected against weather conditions, such as UV radiation. So if you decide to buy them, the devices will work flawlessly regardless of the weather.

The proposed BCS switches for each PoE output are equipped with built-in independent fuses. In addition, most devices in addition to PoE outputs also have LAN outputs / inputs to which external panels can be connected.

If you are looking for a device to connect CCTV IP cameras, external panels or network recorders, PoE switches available in our assortment will be a great choice.