Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent devices of the BCS LINE series

The BCS brand is a leading supplier of CCTV systems. In our offer you will find reliable monitoring devices - including the latest cameras and recorders using artificial intelligence. The BCS Line series is one of the most innovative monitoring projects. If you are looking for devices that will give you peace of mind and a sense of security, see our offer and configure a system that meets all your needs. The purchase of intelligent cameras and recorders will make you look at the philosophy of monitoring anew.

Intelligent monitoring devices

BCS Line smart devices are monitoring at its best. Modern cameras have the function of a heat map, thanks to which they enable monitoring of people's movement in a given time period. The most advanced devices have the ability to recognize faces and objects. They are also distinguished by intelligent real-time analysis or advanced search.

To obtain high image quality even at night, BCS LINE cameras are equipped with WDR and HLC functions. The first allows for accurate image capture in conditions of too intense light, while the second allows you to obtain a detailed image of objects behind the sources of strong lighting.

BCS LINE smart devices - the future is within reach

If you like to have everything under control, BCS Line smart devices will surely meet your expectations. Modern cameras have built-in microphones and memory slots. Depending on which device you choose, you will be able to connect a micro SD card with a capacity of up to 256GB. Our offer also includes 8-, 16-, 32-, 64- and 128-channel recorders to which you can connect IP cameras with a maximum resolution of 12 Mpx. The devices can be easily configured with other elements of the BCS LINE series, thanks to which you will get a fully intelligent monitoring system.

If you are not a specialist in the field of CCTV systems and artificial intelligence, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of modern cameras and recorders. If you choose BCS Line smart devices, we will also help you during the configuration process.