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Buffer supply and transmission systems

In our offer you can find various types of power supply systems dedicated to HDCVI / HDTVI / CVBS and AHD analog CCTV cameras from BCS. From the wide range, you can choose devices suitable for powering different numbers of cameras. Each of the systems we offer allows for video signal transmission and power supply via a UTP network cable.


Outdoor buffer supply systems

If you want to mount a buffer power supply system outside, we suggest buying a device in a BCS-L housing. The body made of plastic protects the module together with the cabling against UV radiation and wind. Importantly, when you buy a power system in our store, you get special grips included. Mounting the device together with the casing is therefore very simple and there is no risk of tampering with the module.

The power supplies we offer have the option of regulating the voltage from 11.2 to 14.2 V, which works best for monitoring cameras. BCS systems have the same cabling as IP CCTV, which greatly facilitates migration. Their advantage is also the small size of the splitter mounted on the camera.


Inward transmission systems

In our store you will buy buffer power supply systems in BCS-E enclosures. Thanks to the steel structure, the modules and cabling look very aesthetically pleasing. Dedicated indoor devices are available in several color variants.

The power supplies we offer are characterized by extremely high efficiency. The high quality of the devices means that the equipment does not heat up during operation. Each power channel in the systems has independent short-circuit protection. Therefore, the devices ensure safe operation.

The power supplies available in our store also allow for expansion - if necessary, just buy another module and attach it to the previously purchased system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of BCS brand power systems. Among the devices we propose you will certainly find a product tailored to your needs.