Video doorphones are increasingly replacing traditional doorphones because they are definitely more functional. Thanks to them we have, among others easy insight into who is waiting outside the gate. However, to take advantage of all the benefits of modern home protection, it is best to invest in IP video intercoms, which are characterized by many functionalities. The most important thing is that we can easily integrate them with other monitoring systems, for example, video, which gives unlimited possibilities of observation, and thus increases our sense of security. Connecting the IP video intercom to the internet, we also gain the ability to operate the entire monitoring system remotely, which makes it extremely easy to control what is happening near our property.

BCS video intercoms will work everywhere
One of the more advanced devices in this field - the BCS video intercom, consists of a high-quality monitor and an external panel, which we can easily adapt to our own needs. Depending on requirements, panels are available for single-family, multi-family and modular homes. However, you do not need to buy the monitor and the panel separately, because ready-made kits are also available. Each of them is based on a Plug & Play solution, which allows for quick configuration, thanks to which the BCS video intercom will be ready for operation in less than a minute. If you are looking for comfort and full functionality, the BCS video intercom will be an ideal solution, especially since it can be extended with a full, more advanced monitoring system.