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The BCS-ASPLV1 / A module is designed for transmitting the video signal from an analog camera and powering the camera using UTP twisted pair ended with a typical RJ45 plug. The device complements the video signal providing video signal transmission up to 400 m. Two BCS-ASPLV1 / A devices are required to build a full signal transmission path on both sides of the track (camera, recorder). The device also works with ATRV4 through the AVPI1 / 4 module.


  • Video and power transmission via UTP cable
  • Optical indication of the status of the power output (RJ45 plug illumination)
  • Small dimensions, can be installed in the installation duct

The device is a convenient solution for installation problems for analog cameras and enables min.:

  • use of typical structured cabling based on UTP
  • aesthetic installation of a complete power and transmission solution in the UTP spiral path
  • creation of distributed monitoring systems with central power supply