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The BCS-ATRV4 and BCS-ATRV4 / I modules are designed to transmit a video signal from 4 analog cameras using UTP twisted pair cable ended with a typical RJ45 plug. The devices symmetize the video signal providing video signal transmission up to 400m. Two BCS-ATRV4 devices are required to build a full signal path, on both sides of the track (camera, recorder). The devices also cooperate with BCS-ASPLV1 through the BCS-AVPI1 / 4 module. The BCS-ATRV4 / I version allows for galvanic isolation of both sides of transmission lines and avoiding image disturbances caused by the flow of compensation currents.

The devices are a convenient solution for typical installation problems for analog cameras and will enable the following:

  • use of typical structured cabling based on UTP
  • aesthetic development of a complete transmission solution in the UTP spiral path
  • removing interference by galvanic isolation of the network circuits version BCS-ATRV4 / I
  • Transmission of 4 video signals by means of one UTP cable
  • Video signal transmission over twisted pair over long distances

In addition, they do not require power and have small dimensions.