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BCS-AVC24-1205-ISO is an isolated DC / DC converter that reduces voltage. The device provides stabilized output voltage of 12 V. DC / DC converters are high-efficiency voltage-lowering modules for use in CCTV systems. The modules can be used in systems where it is necessary to maintain galvanic isolation of circuits, e.g. to eliminate image interference occurring in uninsulated DC power systems. The OF (Open Frame) construction allows the device to be built into any enclosure, but the most convenient way of mounting are dedicated BCS enclosures and mounting plates, equipped with system holes in the 10.8mm pitch. It is compatible with the spacing of mounting holes for built-in modules. The system solution allows for vertical or horizontal installation of selected devices in any, perforated part of the housing or mounting plate.

Characteristic BCS-AVC24-1205-ISO:

  • power supply solution for monitoring devices requiring isolated 12V voltage from 48V PoE line
  • elimination of interference occurring in non-insulated DC power systems
  • small module size