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Keychain for IP BCS video intercom systems. Works with single-family panels, a modular system, and a multi-family system. It allows you to open the entrance after getting closer to the reader. Interesting design and durable construction achieved thanks to PVC coating with epoxy resin layer. A key chain with a ring is attached to the keyring, which allows you to attach to keys. There is a serial number on the back that makes it easier to identify the key chain.

Compatible with all security systems based on Mifare 13.56 MHz proximity transponders (access control, intelligent building, etc.).

The proximity transponder for the intercom video system BCS IP:   

  • Dedicated to BCS IP video intercom systems, the transponder is a remote control
  • The antenna and the team selected for the optimal range of work
  • Compatible with single-family, modular and multi-family BCS IP systems
  • Frequency: Mifare 13.56 MHz
  • EEPROM memory: 1 KB
  • Material: PVC in an epoxy coating
  • White color
  • Dimensions (without chain): 65 x 24.7 x 3.2 mm (W x H x D)
  • Degree of protection IP68
  • Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ + 50 ° C