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Control panel that allows the BCS device support. Dedicated to TV-WALL video walls, video decoders. Support for DVR, NVR, network cameras, CMP, RS232, RS485 connection, multi-function shuttlecock, live view in 1080p resolution (up to 8 cameras), bi-directional audio track, 2 x USB, HDMI / VGA output, support for multiple m-protocols. in: DH-SD / PELCO-D / PELCO-P / PELCO-D1 / PELCO-P1, 10.2 "LCD touch screen, up to 20 remote users, each of which can manage up to 256 devices.

Basic features of BCS-DVR-KNLCD

  • Cooperation with BCS recorders
  • Support for network PTZ cameras
  • NVS / NVD support
  • RS232, RS485 interfaces & TCP / IP network communication
  • 4D joystick to control PTZ cameras
  • Local preview in 1080p resolution, has HDMI & VGA video outputs
  • Cooperation with TV WALL
  • It has WiFi wireless interface
  • Support for two-way audio track

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