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The BCS-EXT / SU adapter is a high-efficiency, non-insulated DC / DC converter increasing voltage. The converter allows operation in a wide input voltage range and has a fixed 48 VDC output voltage. A typical module application is the generation of 48 VDC PoE voltage from the voltage from the 12 VDC or 24 VDC PoE PASSIVE line. The system also ensures the transfer of data transmission between the input and output connectors. The housing in the HS version is a solution that provides insulation and small dimensions of the device. This allows for easy installation of the device in places of limited sizes.

Characteristic BCS-EXT/SU:

  • the possibility of using an existing PoE PASSIVE source with a voltage of 10 ... 30 VDC
  • transfer of data transmission between connectors
  • 48 VDC output voltage determined
  • low heating of the housing interior due to high efficiency of the inverter
  • high output power with small module dimensions