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A set of converters for video signal transmission in AHD - CVI - TVI formats - ANALOG after twisted pair with UTP cable screw fixing.
The converters use technology that distinguishes the transmitter from the camera side (red mark) and the receiver from the recorder side (blue mark), which significantly improved the quality of the transmitted image.



  • Real-time transmission
  • Not required powered
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM support
  • Compatible with HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, CVBS
  • HDCVI 720P: 440m, 1080P: 230m, 4Mpx: 230m by UTP cat5e / 6
  • HDTVI 720P: 190m, 1080P: 190m, 3Mpx: 200m, 5Mpx: 180m via UTP cat5e / 6
  • AHD 720P: 320m, 960H: 320m, 1080P: 250m, 3Mpx: 180m, 4Mpx: 200m; 5Mpx: 200m by UTP cat5e / 6
  • CVBS: 400m by UTP cat5e / 6
  • Male BNC plug with 150mm mini-coax cable
  • Plug screwed to twisted pair
  • Built-in transil (TVS) diode protecting against overvoltages up to 2KV
  • Resistance to noise and overlapping of 60dB signals
  • Interference blocking system
  • Red transmitter from the camera side
  • Blue receiver from the recorder side