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It is a universal PoE network switch dedicated to IP CCTV systems. The device is designed to work with IP cameras and other network devices powered in the PoE 802.3at / af and PoE PASSIVE standard.

Electronic protection of PoE outputs ensures continuity of the entire system operation at short-circuit or overload of individual power supply branches and automatic voltage recovery after the failure.

The OF (Open Frame) construction makes it possible to build the device in any housing, but the most convenient way of assembly are dedicated BCS housings, and mounting plates, equipped with a special opening in the 10.8mm pitch. It is compatible with the spacing of mounting holes in the built-in modules. The system solution allows for vertical or horizontal assembly of selected devices in any hole in the casing or mounting plate.

Characteristic BCS-IP5/E-S:

  • possibility of power supply 5 802.3at PoE receiver / af PoE PASSIVE
  • up to 70W of power on the LAN_5 PoE IN / OUT port
  • up to 40W of power on other PoE ports
  • possibility to turn off the power on selected PoE ports
  • independent electronic fuses for each PoE channel (auto back)
  • powered by connection (Vin) or from another PoE PASSIVE switch (PoE IN / OUT port)
  • possibility of cascading power supply - one xPoE supplies the next (PoE IN / OUT port)
  • easy and quick commissioning without the need to configure parameters
  • very low power consumption (<1.5W)
  • small size of the module