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Monitor for the BCS IP video door station system. 7 "capacitive touchscreen, 800x480 resolution. Local management using a graphical interface and 5 quick access buttons. Local 12VDC or 24V PoE power supply (BCS-SP06 switch and BCS-ZA2425 adapter required) BCS monitors are not compatible with PoE switches other manufacturers, the possibility of extending the system to 6 monitors in one apartment, up to 20 entries.

Among the more interesting functions of the monitor are: intercom function, independent control of two relays in the external panel (applicable to BCS-MODKD2 relay panel), preview of up to 32 IP cameras (support of BCS LINE cameras, POINT cameras and other Onvif cameras), recording audio-video messages in the event of a call being missed, or automatic recording of images of callers on the monitor's memory card. Noteworthy is the fact that both relays of the main panel can be activated from the monitor also from the preview level of any IP camera, so the user can, for example, monitor the entry or the entrance gate and open it at any time.

Additionally, for non-standard systems: with a low fence or where the specificity of the installation requires the panel to be located further away from the controlled entrance, the risk is that the camera does not completely cover the caller, we have a special function that allows the monitor to manually switch the video channel to the indicated camera IP when calling the monitor or during the conversation itself. At any time, it is possible to return to the intercom camera. In case there are many IP cameras in the system, the user can choose which camera the image wants to view.

Technical specifications BCS-MON7000B

  • Black housing
  • Menu language: Polish, English
  • Operating mode - hands-free
  • TCP / IP protocol
  • Touch capacitive screen with 7 "diagonal
  • Resolution 800 * 480
  • The monitor is managed via a graphical interface and 5 sensory quick selection buttons
  • The possibility of independent control of two relays in the external panel (applies to the panel with an additional relay module BCS-MODKD2)
  • Diagnostics - LED information indicators on the monitor housing and icons on the screen
  • Smooth adjustment of the conversation volume settings and the volume of the call signal
  • Time adjustment: conversation, preview, ringing, recording of AV messages, video recordings from the external panel camera
  • Built-in 4GB memory card
  • Built-in list of tenants and a list of connections
  • Ability to save photos and recordings from external panel cameras
  • Possibility to save audio-video messages left by guests in the event of not answering the call / absence of the tenant (the function can be turned off)
  • The ability to automatically take pictures of callers
  • Alarm function enabling connection of up to 8 NO / NC sensors, division into zones, history of events
  • The DND function that allows you to mute the monitor for a set time
  • Screen cleaning function for 45s.
  • The ability to display the image from IP cameras (support for BCS LINE and POINT cameras and other manufacturers on Onvif, up to 32 cameras for each monitor)
  • Support for up to 20 zones (external panels)
  • Identification of external panels - an individual verbal description for each entry
  • Up to 6 monitors can be expanded in one place
  • Audio intercom function between all monitors in the same building
  • LED for power presence and bus connection
  • Surface mounting
  • Local 12VDC or 24V PoE power supply (requires BCS-SP06 switch and BCS-ZA2425 power supply)
  • Bus connection - 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (UTP Cat.5 cable, standard B)
  • Dimensions 221.2 x 154.3 x 25.8 mm (W x H x D)
  • Power consumption: standby max. 1.5W, work max 7W