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The basic element of the BCS IP modular system. It consists of one call button and a camera with a 2.8mm lens and a mechanical adjustment of the camera's angle of view. The front is made of steel. It contains seals protecting against water penetration inside the housing from the face side of the outer panel (frame). Designed for mounting in two or three module frames BCS-RA2 and BCS-RA3.

Camera module with one call button for the modular system IP BCS:

  • Designed for mounting in BCS-RA2 and BCS-RA3 frames
  • Camera color with mechanical adjustment of camera angle of 15 ° in any direction
  • 1/3 " converter
  • White LED light illumination, switched on automatically in low light conditions
  • 2.8mm wide-angle lens, camera angle horizontally approx. 81 °, 65 ° vertical
  • The panel is programmed by means of a web service built into the camera module (reader modules and buttons do not require separate programming)                             
  • Built-in card holder with LED backlight (if the panel contains a reader module, the backlight will be turned off until an impending person is detected)
  • Built-in seal to prevent water from entering the housing from the side of the panel face
  • Built-in potential-free relay (COM, NO, NC), maximum load of the 24VDC 1A relay
  • Built-in voltage output + 12VDC for powering the BCS-MODKD2 relay module or electro-tap - maximum output efficiency: 300mA
  • Support for the BCS-MODKD2 additional relay module
  • Operation of the exit button, which allows the release of the armature / deadbolt and exit from the property or connection of other systems and devices, such as: radio link, access control or SSWiN system
  • Built-in Ethernet port for LAN connection (adapter with RJ45 socket attached to the BCS-RA2 / RA3 frame)
  • Other wires (relay, power supply, exit button, etc ...) connected to the terminal block
  • Module bus output enabling connection of up to 8 modules with pushbuttons (BCS-PAN-P) or 7 modules with push buttons and 1 reader module (BCS-PAN-C) in 3x3 modules or 3x2 modules
  • Power supply: local 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Mechanical resistance class: IK07
  • Weight: 0.36 kg
  • Dimensions: 110.7 × 118.1 × 42.3 mm
  • Operating environment: -30 ° C ~ + 70 ° C; 10 - 95% RH
  • Flush or surface-mounted installation using a suitable housing, available separately
  • Register of connections, alarm events and openings in the Web Service with the possibility of exporting to a * .csv file
  • Assigning IP cameras to the monitor from the Web Service level (without the need to program the monitor)
  • It is possible to change the time / date from the Web Service level and from the monitor menu
  • Automatic search and assignment of external panels in the system from the monitor level (the ability to change the IP address of the panel using the monitor)
  • Changing panel ports from the Web Service level
  • Camera preview and wicket / gate opening from the BCS Viewer Lite application
  • The call forwarding function from the entry phone to the telephone only concerns the panel with the camera module with one call button and reader, in the case of panels for two or more tenants, i.e. having the module / y with BCS-PAN-P buttons, this function is not available.
  • The call transfer function from the external panel to the iOS / Android phone uses the Notification function, there may be slight differences in the operation / configuration of notifications depending on the phone's operating system, which the BCS Viewer provider has no influence on.
  • For proper operation of the call transfer function for a mobile phone, it is necessary to connect the system to the Internet and install a video monitor.
  • Recommended Internet connection with fixed IP address.
  • The camera module is compatible with the BCS-PAN1202S single-family panel (for firmware version 20160615 or newer).
  • For the modular system, the P2P function is not available (except for a single user system, i.e. for a panel with a BCS-PAN-KAM camera module with a BCS-PAN-C reader).