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Frame for assembly of the external panel in the modular BCS system. The upper window is used to install the BCS-PAN-CAM camera module, the middle and lower window is for additional modules with BCS-PAN-P buttons or auxiliary card reader BCS-PAN-C. One outer panel can contain at most one camera module and 8 modules with buttons or 7 modules with buttons and one reader module (the panel will be built from three BCS-RA3 frames in separate cases in a 3x3 module system).

Frame for modular system IP BCS

  • Ability to connect three modules (cameras and two additional modules: a reader or a module with buttons)
  • Installation of concealed or surface mounting using a suitable enclosure, purchased separately
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Dimensions 145 * 369 mm (W * H)
  • Sheet thickness: 1.9 mm