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PoE kit to power IP video monitors, compatible with 24V PoE (BCS protocol). Four PoE outputs to supply video monitors. Two LAN inputs / outputs, of which one output can be configured as PoE (depending on configuration). The basic advantages include: high quality and I / O security, optical transmission and power signaling for each output, the ability to connect in cascade with subsequent switches BCS-SP0406 or BCS-SP0812, the ability to disable the PoE function for each output using a jumper (obtaining a standard 10 / 100Mb LAN outputs), which makes it possible to connect external panels and other network devices that do not support PoE.

For the development market (multi-number systems), a particularly valuable function is the isolation of short circuits for each port (premises), which makes the system reliable and works without interference, in the event of a short circuit in the system (applies to short circuits both on the data line and power supply monitors).

Powering monitors after PoE requires making an RJ45 contact in accordance with the attached instructions.

24V PoE kit designed to supply 4 BCS IP video monitors in the internal housing:                                                                                  

  • Application in single-family and multi-family systems
  • Includes unmanaged PoE switch BCS-XPoE6 working in 10/100 Base-T LANs and 24 VDC 3A power supply
  • 4 PoE outputs for video monitors - power supply and transmission after one UTP Cat.5e cable
  • Power supply on PoE ports is transferred directly from the input (screw terminals)
  • 1 LAN output / input for connecting external panels, LAN switch or other network device (camera, recorder, etc ...)
  • 1 LAN output / input for connecting external panels, LAN switch or other network device (camera, recorder, etc ...) with the possibility of configuration as a
  • PoE output
  • Each PoE output has the ability to disable the PoE function by means of a jumper (it is possible to connect video monitors, external panels, cameras, etc ...)
  • Optical signaling of transmission and power supply for each port
  • Each PoE channel is independently protected by a polymer fuse
  • Implementation of the short circuit isolation function for each output independently (a short circuit turns off the premises, while the whole system works properly)
  • Scalability of the system - the ability to connect PoE sets in cascades
  • Compatibility with IP video doorphones: