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Is an unmanaged PoE network switch that works as a LAN network extender (repeater) and PoE power supply. The device regenerates the network signal and transfers the PoE power supply to selected outputs. Most often used as an "amplifier" for extending the network on sections longer than 100m. In addition, it is ideally suited as an "active splitter" in situations where on one UTP cable we need to run several PoE receivers (eg several IP cameras) or when an additional network branch is required.

Unmanaged PoE switches without the xPoE series power supply are designed to work with IP cameras and other network devices powered in the PoE 802.3at / af and PoE PASSIVE standard. Housing in the HS version is a solution ensuring insulation and small dimensions of the device. This allows easy installation of the device in limited places.

Technical specifications BCS-xPoE4-EXT:

  • Small size of the device
  • Possibility to power up to 3 PoE 802.3at / af or PASSIVE receivers
  • Possibility to turn off the power on selected PoE ports
  • Clear, optical indication of power status and data transmission
  • Option to power from another 802.3at / af or PoE PASSIVE switch (PoE IN port)
  • up to 40W of total power for all ports
  • Electronic fuse at the PoE IN input
  • The possibility of cascading power (one switch supplies the next)
  • Easy and quick commissioning without any configuration of parameters
  • Possibility to choose the PoE standard (at / af)
  • Very low power consumption (<1.5 W)