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BCS-ZA1206 / UPS / F / KD is a buffer power supply, dedicated to supplying devices of the BCS access control system. It has a built-in DIN rail for mounting the controller. The device is a convenient solution to the problem of a buffer power supply for access control systems that require uninterrupted power. The power supply allows for the creation of distributed systems with central buffered power supply.

The system is adapted to work with lead-acid or dry SLA batteries.

The device is closed in the BCS-F internal casing, which is a convenient solution to the problem of aesthetic installation of access control devices and termination of wiring inside buildings. The housing is made of sheet steel, powder coated in a semi-matt white color.


Characteristics of BCS-ZA1206/UPS/F/KD:

  • DIN rail mounted for BCS-KKD-D424D or BCS-KKD-J222 controllers
  • the led out cable with a DC plug to power the controller
  • built-in tamper switch
  • power supply status indication by means of LED diodes, located on the housing
  • complete solution for powering AC devices in a small-size housing
  • low heating of the housing interior due to the high efficiency of the power supply
  • resistance to short circuits and overloads
  • resistance to overvoltages from both the 230 VAC mains and the power supply output