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The BCS-ZA4802 / S device is a power supply providing stable DC voltage for demanding electronic devices, among others CCTV cameras, recorders, etc. Thanks to the integration of overvoltage and short-circuit protection, it is recommended especially for work in monitoring systems requiring high reliability of power supply. The PSU system is a highly efficient impulse converter that provides insulation between the 230 VAC network and the powered device.

BCS series external enclosures are a convenient solution to the problem of device protection and cable connections mounted in external conditions. High-quality plastic ensures resistance to UV radiation and other adverse weather conditions.

Characteristic BCS-ZA4802/S:

  • complete power supply solution for CCTV devices in a small housing
  • low heating of the housing interior thanks to the high efficiency of the power supply
  • short circuit and overload resistance
  • resistance to overvoltages both from the 230 VAC side and the PSU output
  • cable entry through glands mounted in the housing: 6 x M16
  • 2 brackets included for mounting the housing without compromising the IP56 protection rating