BCS Manager




Live preview

  • predefined and custom divisions with support for views, unlimited number of application windows with the possibility of displaying on separate monitors
  • list of recorders' channels, alarm inputs / outputs, grouping of devices
  • editing / configuring the names of channels, alarm inputs and outputs
  • video stream management tools, audio playback, two-way audio, fast playback, digital zoom, snapshot, local recording


  • viewing and downloading video material recorded on the recorder's disk or locally on the workstation
  • readable time bar, synchronous playback

Logs and Notifications 


  • the ability to upload your own background, choice of camera type, direction of observation, names of your own for layers and cameras
  • camera view directly from the e-map layers

Routes and Tasks

  • creating tasks with the possibility of assigning to the operator
  • sequences

Alarm rules

  • the ability to use the functionality of cameras and recorders to build emergency responses
  • motion detection, camera obscuration, signal loss, intelligent alarms, alarm input, disk error or full disk can be a source for displaying a picture, recording, taking a series of pictures, calling a PTZ camera preset or activating an alarm output in the recorder or camera.



  •         The application has security measures to prevent overloading of the computer, automatically refreshing streams, integrated service using the P-KN network keyboard.


Cloud Service (P2P) BCS


System requirements

  •   (depending on the number of monitored devices)
  •   For the NVR + 4 system, cameras displayed in the main stream:
  •   CPU: Intel i3 3rd generation or equivalent
  •   RAM: 4GB 
  •   HDD: around 350MB