BCS Manager




BCS Manager

Program for operating BCS CCTV devices. It was created to support devices of many product lines with one application. Today it is already an advanced program that can be used by both individual users and large monitoring centers. The application is characterized by the ease and intuitiveness of use as well as the implementation of many functions to extend the daily work of the operator.

Features and functions of the application

Live view


  • Pre-defined and custom divisions with view support, unlimited number of live preview windows with the possibility of detaching and moving to separate monitors;
  • channels list of the recorder, alarm inputs/outputs, device grouping, hiding offline devices/channels;
  • edition/configuration of channel names, alarm inputs and outputs;
  • tools for managing streams, audio playback, two-way audio, quickplay, digital zoom, snapshot, local recording, presentation of alarm rules, alarm output control;
  • views composition with the ability to save 15 favorites;
  • alarm queue  mode, automatic stream selection, automatic preview mode, stream aspect ratio;
  • synchronous quickplay;
  • Fisheye and PTZ control panels;
  • IVS event list: license plate recognition and body temperature measurement;
  • transition to records directly from a preview;
  • restore the last view after starting the application


  • preview the video recorded on the recorder's disk or locally on a workstation;
  • time bar with visual highlighting of events, synchronous playback, slower/faster speed of playback;
  • predefined and custom divisions;
  • unwrap mode for recordings from fish-eye cameras;
  • download records from devices using scissors or mass downloading;
  • filter for records;
  • calendar

Logs and notifications

  • logs contains information about system events, actions taken by the user and alarms from devices received by the application;
  • interactive notifications


  • display subtitles on the related camera stream;
  • integrated POS support: Posnet, Forcom, Elzab, Novitus (possibility of integration with any subtitle source);
  • custom settings for position, style, size and font colour for basic text and 3 tabs for highlighted text;
  • audio playback and/or activation of the alarm output when a keyword appears
  • subtitles matched the archive being played back;
  • browsing of aggregated subtitles;
  • providing subtitle sources for another BCSManager instance

Tour and tasks

  • built from a sequence of views;
  • automated start after user login;
  • task runnable in full screen mode;
  • refresh "lost" streams


  • interactive world map with unlimited object docking;
  • custom background of any object;
  • unlimited layers for objects;
  • camera type definition, camera view direction, custom names for layers and cameras;
  • convenient alarms list from all cameras in the object;
  • camera preview directly from e-map with full live view functionality


  • report generator for collected data from camera readings such as recognized license plates and body temperature measurement;

Alarm rules

  • ability to use the functionality of cameras and recorders to build alarm reactions;
  • alarm sources: motion detection, tampering, video/signal loss, IVS, alarm input, disk failure or full disk;
  • reactions to the source: show the image, record the channel, take a picture or series of pictures from the channel, call a preset from the PTZ camera or show/activate the alarm output in the recorder or camera;
  • multimedia reactions in the form of own graphics and sound, e-mail notification;
  • alarm reaction window always on top, can’t be missed by operator, full management of stream with its toolbar;
  • each alarm rule has its own reaction window

Additional functions

  • CPU overload fuse;
  • P- KN keyboard supported;
  • import/export configs & settings;
  • extensive configuration of local recording;
  • watchdog function allowing to monitor the operator's work time;
  • temperature detection module (license required);
  • vehicle monitoring module (license required);
  • warehouse support module - packing stations (license required);
  • configTool, including IP scanner and disk calculator


Cloud support (P2P) BCS

  • support for devices added to the BCS cloud account;
  • the P2P BCS cloud is solution when network infrastructure and Internet access are limited at the place of installation


  • BCS devices does not require any license. Mandatory verification of devices takes place via the Internet. If there is no Internet access, a verification license must be uploaded manually;
  • the license file is generated in the BCS Manager application and the signed one will work only on the computer on which it was created;
  • a license for a single camera from a manufacturer other than the BCS
  • single recorder license
  • license for vehicle monitoring module (ARTR module)
  • license for the temperature monitoring module (included in the purchase of a thermal imaging camera)
  • ALL license (unlimited)
  • license for the warehouse support module (includes individual integration due to different types and applications.


  • streams uplift;
  • recording of the main and/or extra stream, including events;
  • schedule for recordings;
  • blocking records from being overwritten with the possibility of copying to a USB;
  • periodic snapshot or sequence of snapshots from cameras;
  • schedule for downloading records from devices;


  • centralized device and user management;
  • possibility to configure server resources from any client station;
  • individual access rights to devices and application modules for each added user

System requirements

(depending on the number of monitored devices)

For NVR + 4 cameras displayed in the main stream:

CPU: 3rd generation Intel i3 or equivalent


HDD: around 350MB