Terms and Conditions


Regulations specifying the terms of sale and warranty BCS

1. General terms of the BCS warranty and complaint

We provide the following warranty periods:
- 24 months for BCS digital recorders and BCS high speed cameras.
The warranty period is counted from the date of issue of the sales invoice by NSS Sp. z o.o.

The warranty is discontinued if the warranty seals are broken or damaged.

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper use or use in inappropriate conditions. The warranty does not apply to devices modified by the user and devices bearing traces of unauthorized repair.

The warranty is not subject to damage caused by random factors (eg lightning, overvoltage, flooding, etc.) and vandalism.

Devices that have been loaded with software from sources other than those recommended by the manufacturer are not covered by the warranty.

A complaint describing the damage to the device and the situation in which the fault occurs is required to submit a complaint.

A complaint will not be sent for execution if the symptoms of damage are not given or if the goods complained about will be incomplete.

Firma NSS Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to payable repair, after informing the customer in advance, if the device's defect was not caused by a factory defect but a random event (eg lightning) or improper operation. In this case, the warranty period is 3 months from the date of repair of the device.

Firma NSS Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for the consequences of improper operation of the products sold.

Computer programs are sold without warranty regarding their work or usability, and in particular, they are not guaranteed to work on the user's computer or software used by him.

Compatibility of sold products with other products is not guaranteed.


2. Detailed rules of complaint.

2.1. Shipments.

If at the time of receipt of the parcel it is found that the packaging is damaged to the extent that the goods contained therein may be damaged, do not accept the parcel, and note the damage on the consignment note.

After accepting the parcel, unpack it in the presence of the courier and check what the condition of the item is. If a damage is found, a complaint report must be written (the print has a courier with it), send it to the courier and send a copy to us immediately by fax to: (0-22) 846-23-57 or by e-mail: magazyn@nsssystem.pl by entering in the subject line the text: "COMPLIMENT COMPLAINT".
This is the basis for prompt settlement of complaints and dispatch of new goods.

If, immediately after receiving the parcel, and up to 2 working days, the customer determines that its content does not match the amount of goods appearing on the invoice or the commodity symbol is different from what is included in the sales document, then the employee should be informed immediately of the NSS Sp. z o.o .: (0-22) 846-25-31 ext. 117 or 118. After this time, complaints regarding the above-mentioned discrepancies in the shipment will not be considered.

2.2. Disadvantages before starting operation.

If, immediately after receiving the parcel, and up to 2 working days later, it turns out that the equipment exhibits problems preventing its use (ie the new device is not working properly), please deliver the goods to the headquarters of NSS Sp. z o.o. or return the parcel at our expense. Complaints should be sent to the Service Department.

Goods should be sent back in the original packaging, carefully packed, with a description of the defect present and a warranty card, if one was issued at the time of purchase. The packaging must necessarily bear the inscription: "SERVICE - FACTORY FAILURE".

If the faulty device does not bear traces of use, it is complete and has an undamaged packaging - the product is exchanged for full value and sent at the expense of NSS Sp. z o.o.

If the faulty device bears signs of use, is not complete, has a damaged packaging or is otherwise unsuitable for replacement, then the goods will be repaired in the shortest possible time and sent at the expense of NSS Sp. z o.o.


2.3. When the goods will be damaged during use.

A defective device sent back for warranty or post-warranty repair is sent by the customer at his own expense.

If the returned device is not qualified for a warranty repair, then the procedures under point 1.8.

If it is found that the goods are undamaged and the inefficiency resulted from the inability to operate the device or the customer is unaware of its parameters at the time of purchase, it will be sent back at the customer's expense of PLN 15 to PLN 100 net of service costs, depending on the scope of service activities - testing equipment.

Complained devices should be sent back completely (ie if the recorder has been damaged, it should be sent back together with the remote control, power supply, hard drive, etc.) and carefully packed, in the original packaging, with a detailed description of the damage and a warranty card, if issued on purchase. The package "SERVICE" must be placed on the package.

If the device is found to be abnormal with other devices or devices from other manufacturers (eg hard disks, cameras, etc.), the customer is required to provide a set of devices to perform the tests.

In the case of providing configurable devices (eg digital recorders), NSS Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to update their software and reset settings to factory settings, which may be necessary during service activities.

In the case of a justified complaint, the device will be repaired in the shortest possible time and sent to the customer at the expense of NSS Sp. with o ...

If the device can not be repaired or replaced with a new one during the warranty period, a correcting invoice will be issued.