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BCS-xCOAX / IP-PP is a set of active converters for data transmission from Ethernet network through a typical coaxial cable used in analog monitoring. The devices enable the installation of PoE IP cameras in places where the replacement of existing concentric cabling is impossible or unprofitable. Any of the modules of the set is powered from the PoE PASSIVE switch (RJ-45 port) and through a coaxial cable, it enables bidirectional network communication and power supply of the second xCOAX module. We connect the camera or other PoE receiver to the RJ45 port of the xCOAX module at the end of the line. Housing HS (Heat Shrink) is a well-thought-out solution ensuring insulation and the smallest possible dimensions of the device. The small size gives a wider choice of mounting location.

Characteristic BCS-xCOAX/IP-PP:

  • transmission range via coaxial cable up to 200m
  • power supply only from PoE PoE PASSIVE
  • possibility to power PoE 802.3at / af or PoE PASSIVE receivers
  • up to 70W of total power in the entire power supply
  • small size of modules
  • clear, optical indication of the power status and data transmission
  • easy and quick commissioning without the need to configure parameters
  • wide range of input voltage 10 ... 56 V