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Biometric fingerprint reader module for BCS video intercom system. The front is made of steel. It contains built-in seals to prevent water from entering the inside of the housing from the face side of the outer panel (frame). Designed for self-assembly in two or three module frames BCS-RA2 and BCS-RA3. Power supply and data transmission from the BCS-PAN-KAM camera module using the modular tape supplied with the frame.

It reader works in capacitive technology. It offers higher accuracy and safety than optical readers and greater reliability compared to thermal readers. Characteristic points of the fingerprint are recorded in digital form in the BCS-PAN-KAM camera module. The system offers the possibility of exporting and importing programmed users to and from the file. The system does not store a complete fingerprint image and it is not possible to reproduce it based on the list of users.

The biometric reader module for the BCS IP modular system:                                                                          

  • Works with BCS-RA2 and BCS-RA3 frames
  • Compatible with the BCS-PAN-KAM camera module
  • Programming users using Web Service built into the camera module
  • Up to 3,000 users can be programmed (fingerprints)
  • Screws for mounting the module in the frame and a cable for connection with other modules provided with the frame BCS-RA2 / RA3
  • Layout of the entire panel configured via Web Service built into the camera module (panel visualization)
  • Power from the camera module
  • The BCS-PAN-KAM camera module is required for operation
  • Dimensions 110 × 120 × 29mm
  • Weight 0.27 kg
  • Operating environment -30 ° C ~ + 70 ° C; 10 - 95% RH
  • Immunity class: IP54, IK07