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This is a high-efficiency, uninsulated DC / DC converter that raises the voltage. The inverter allows operation in a wide range of input voltages and has a fixed 48 VDC output voltage. A typical application of the module is the generation of 48 VDC PoE supply voltage from 12 VDC or 24 VDC coming from the buffer power supply. The OF (Open Frame) construction allows the device to be built in any housing, however, the most convenient way of assembly are dedicated BCS housings, and mounting plates, equipped with system punching in 10.8mm pitch. It is compatible with the spacing of mounting holes in the built-in modules. The system solution allows for vertical or horizontal assembly of selected devices in any hole in the casing or mounting plate.

Characteristic BCS-SU50-48:

  • wide range of supply voltage
  • fixed 48 VDC output voltage
  • low heating of the housing interior due to high efficiency of the inverter
  • high output power with small module dimensions
  • resistance to reverse polarity of the supply voltage