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It is a set for buffer power supply for IP CCTV cameras. The device is a convenient solution to the problem of buffer power for monitoring cameras that require uninterrupted operation. The device is designed to work with IP cameras and other network devices powered in the PoE 802.3at / af and PoE PASSIVE standard.

The LONG RANGE mode allows to increase the transmission range up to 280 m using standard UTP cable.

The system is adapted to work with lead-acid or dry type SLA batteries.

The device is enclosed in an internal BCS-F housing which is a convenient solution to the aesthetic problem of building monitoring devices and terminating cabling inside buildings. The casing is made of steel sheet, powder coated to semi-matt, white color.

Characteristic BCS-UPS/IP8/E-S:

  • possibility of pover supply of 9 PoE 802.3at / af or PoE PASSIVE receivers
  • space for 1 18 Ah battery
  • up to 70W of power on the LAN_5 PoE IN / OUT port
  • up to 40W of power on other PoE ports
  • the possibility of data transmission at 280m (in LONG RANGE mode)
  • possibility to turn off the power on selected PoE ports
  • independent electronic fuses for each PoE channel (auto back)
  • low heating inside the housing due to high efficiency of the power supply (> 90%)
  • easy and quick commissioning without the need to configure parameters
  • easy expansion of the system by adding additional switches
  • the ability to store cables inside the housing

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