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The BCS-ZA1206 / UPS / XL device is a buffer power supply intended for supplying CCTV equipment or access control systems. The device is a convenient solution to the problem of buffer power for cameras and other monitoring devices requiring uninterrupted power supply. The power supply allows creating distributed monitoring systems with central buffered power supply.

The systems are adapted to work with lead-acid or dry type SLA batteries.

BCS outdoor enclosures are a convenient solution to the problem of protection of devices and cable connections mounted in external conditions. High quality plastic ensures resistance to UV radiation and other adverse weather conditions.

Characteristic BCS-ZA1206/UPS/XL:

  • complete solution for powering CCTV devices in a small enclosure
  • central power buffering
  • long power backup time compared to classic systems using UPS
  • low heating of the housing interior due to high efficiency of the power supply
  • easy assembly of modules with holes in the 10.8 mm pitch